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Teaching and Learning are at the heart of the academic study of religions. BASR is equally interested in knowledge transfer, dissemination, pedagogy and research. When we inspire our students we inspire a new generation of scholars, researchers and teachers. This section of the website continues and develops the excellent tradition of pedagogical research and reflection begun by the Higher Education Academy. Colleagues are welcome to submit articles, resources and notifications of events related to Teaching and Learning for this section of the website. Please email material for consideration to Dominic Corrywright.

Discourse (The Journal of the PRS Subject Centre until 2011)

Religious Studies


Learning Outside the Classroom

Theology and Religious Studies in Higher Education: Global Perspectives
Theology and religious studies co-exist in the majority of departments in higher education institutions within the UK, yet there has been very little debate or discussion on how these two disciplines relate to one another in this context and on a more general level. This new collection of essays, co-edited by Dr Darlene Bird, formerly Subject Co-ordinator for Theology, and Dr Simon Smith, Co-director, aims to redress the balance and to add to fruitful discussion in this area.

The Faith Guides
Covering Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, and written by respected academics with many years’ research and teaching experience, and in conjunction with the relevant religious communities, this series covers key religious and cultural sensitivities that may arise within a university environment.

The Employability Guides
These subject specific guides have been designed for students to help them identify and articulate how the skills that their degree is developing in them prepare them for the world of work.

The Ethics Teaching Guide
A guide to the inter-disciplinary teaching of ethics.

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