BASR Bulletin

Correspondence concerning the Bulletin, including information and contributions, should be addressed to David G. Robertson. Deadlines for submissions are 15 October for the November issue and 31 April for the May issue.

The life and vitality of a publication like the Bulletin depends on the energy of the membership. In particular, we’d like to encourage postgraduate students to review publications – please get in contact if you’d like to review a specific volume. Please consider sending in items for News, Features and Conference Reports – the quality of the Bulletin relies on us all!

Latest issue: Bulletin 139 – November 2021

Click Here for PDF

BULLETIN 139-cover

Archive of previous issues


  1. […] in Kraków, 19th-21st May 2016. I’ve written this report for my supervisors, and also the BASR bulletin, but some of you might be interested here too! Elsewhere, I’m still considering radical deity […]


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