Conference 2015

Religion in the Local and Global: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challenges

British Association for the Study of Religion Annual Conference University of Kent – 7th-9th September 2015.


In the 50th year of the University of Kent, Canterbury, the Department of Religious Studies is hosting the British Association for the Study of Religion Annual Conference, with a special launch and reception for 50 Years of the Study of Religion at Kent.

**The full conference programme can now be viewed on the dedicated conference website.**

Conference theme and call for papers

In an age of global interconnection what counts as religion is being redefined and is under increasing scrutiny. It is now impossible to conceive of the global-political without attention to the religious-secular, the increasing tension between the local and trans-national and new modes of community and religiosity. Cultural habits, individual identity, social structures, philosophical categories and economic exchanges are all being transformed by a new sense of time, space and interconnection.

The conference will explore the theme of Religion in the Local and Global across a range of disciplinary perspectives, including religion, politics, anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy. The aim is to bring together a range of disciplinary perspectives on the study of religion to explore the local/global challenge to conventional assumptions about religion, both in empirical and theoretical perspectives. Each perspective seeks to set up a challenge to how different ways of thinking about religion are determined by interlocking global and local issues, concerns and social realities.

Papers and panels covering the following areas and related issues will be welcome:

From ‘world religions’ to global spiritualities
Religion across Continents: Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia Religion, diaspora and migration
Religion, Capitalism and Consumer Identity Religion and Europe in Global Perspective
‘Religion’ as global and local strategy in politics and policy Globalization and the category of ‘religion’
The cosmopolitan, the city and cultural difference
Globalization and the Transformation of Religious Studies
Sacred Texts, Interpretation and Global Challenge
Global Philosophy of Religion
Religion, Psychology and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Religion and the “You Tube” Generation
Religion, Globalization and Media
Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Global Religious Contexts
Religion in Global Civil Society

Deadline for paper and panel proposals: 15th June

Papers will be 15-20 minutes, with 10 minutes for questions. Panel proposals should note that sessions will be 90 minutes with 3-4 papers of 15-20 minute papers and 30 minutes questions (either 10 minutes after each paper or 30 minutes after all papers). A chair will be organised for each session, though panel proposals can suggest their own named chair for the panel session.

The registration form can be downloaded here. Bursaries for postgraduate students are also available – the application form can be downloaded here.

Proposals and enquiries should be sent to


  1. I would like to book in for the conference but having registered on the Kent ‘blog page there does not seem to be any conference registration/booking form available there. I would be grateful to receive information as to how to access these. Many thanks, Ann Loades


    • Dear Ann,
      There is a link on this page of the BASR website to the registration form and also on the blog page []. If you have a paper or panel proposal, send to the email address given on this page ( They can also answer further questions.
      Regards, Suzanne Owen (BASR)


  2. Dear Sir,
    Good day.
    I am a Buddhist monk studying Buddhism at the Department of Buddhist
    Studies in the University of Kelaniya. I have indomitable eagerness to attend the conference based on religion.
    I would be delighted if you could allow me to attend and provide me
    opportunity to enrich knowledge.
    With loving kindness,
    Rev. Utpal Subra
    University of Kelaniya.


  3. terima kasih telah menyajikan sesuatu yang terbaik, dan ini memberikan ide buat kita semua sebuah pelajaran agar kita selalu belajar dari seseorang meskipun orang itu tidak kita kenal, dan sukses selalu buat anda yang telah menginspirasi kita semua!


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